Reign is a strategic partnership for forward-thinking brands.

A lean stealthy replacement for the agency-of-record, Reign gets you thinking at 50,000 ft. You’ll see your brand the way your audience does, and connect with them with more confidence and clarity.

Let's Reign.



Finding your brand's true voice is crucial to success. We'll help you communicate clearly and confidently across virtually any medium.


Are your logo, tagline and colors working as hard as you are? We'll create something everyone can love. Even you.


What's your story (in 200 characters or less)? What's Google think of you? Deep breaths. We've got this.


What do people really think of you? We'll find out, and then help you connect with them across every medium.


We write and produce smart, effective campaigns that move product and steal market share. Any questions?


We've written and produced everything from Super Bowl spots to museum installations. We'll help you tell your story no matter what the medium.

Seeing your brand for what it really is is nearly impossible from the inside.

When you're running the show, people often tell you what they think you want to hear rather than what you need to hear. Which is why an outside perspective is crucial if you want to fully understand and grow your brand. By employing proven brand assessment and strategic conceptual techniques practiced by the most successful agencies, brands and companies in the world, Reign distills your brand down to something simple, memorable and well-aligned with what your audience is hungry for right now. With every project we build a small team of highly-experienced professionals who quickly work towards comprehensive understanding and growth plan for your brand. Curious? Click below and let's continue the conversation in person.


Bill Hollister

Executive Director

Bill is an unusual hybrid of enlightened poet and deep-thinking social scientist. He has studied under and/or worked for some of the most celebrated strategic and creative thinkers in the world. Before founding Reign, Bill worked for top ad agencies and branding firms in Chicago, Boston, LA, New York and Portland, for clients such as Apple, Anheuser-Busch, Adobe, Truth & Jack in the Box.

Tony Kuypers


Hailing from New Zealand, Tony brings a decidedly global point of view to everything he works on. He’s held leadership roles as a Designer, Art Director and Associate Creative Director, and has a depth of experience shepherding integrated advertising campaigns across multiple channels including TV, print, digital and social media.

It's your turn to reign.

Let's build a plan for you to reach your goals, grow your brand and impact your bottom line.


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